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Born and raised in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Argentina, I received my training at the School of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Buenos Aires (UBA); completing 4 years of a 5 year Master program in Architecture (equivalent to Bachelor degree in USA) in 1971.

Educated with the models of rationalism – Bauhaus, Corbusier, Neutra, van der Rohe, etc., my concern has always been the use of passive solar design for energy conservation through site analysis, orientation, fenestration, use of cool roof, thermal mass, shading and other available techniques.

Leaving the University, I worked in the profession with teams from my former professors, traveling to Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil to study the local expressions of spontaneous architecture in those diverse cultures.

After working in high rise office and residential building design for 10 years (using reinforced concrete and brick technologies) and participating in many national and international competitions, I visited Oregon in 1982, where I had an opportunity to learn about wood frame construction in the "hands on" design of cabins, a small school and university dormitories.

I moved to California in 1983 and worked in Industrial Design for a Silicon Valley interface company. In 1985 I returned to architectural design working for several prestigious offices (among them William Churchill, AIA and Larick Alan Hill, AIA), and simultaneously began my private practice.

In 1998 I used insulated concrete forms (ICF) and factory pre-cut materials in residential design for the first time with most satisfactory results.

I have an eclectic approach to design; being able to provide solutions in contemporary as well as classic styles based on the personality and needs of the client. Even when country settings allow for more freedom of shapes and orientations, I welcome the challenges that in-fill urban design brings, functionally and ecologically.

I am committed to working together with my client to create a dwelling to their enduring satisfaction and in which they can take pride, be it a custom project, built from the ground up, or a remodel/addition to an existing building.

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