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Hoey Residence
Semi-rural remodel and addition 500 sf. Unfinished basement development

Property is located in a steep sloped lot in the hills of Hillsborough and was originally remodeled in 1970's. At that time, the architect left a large and tall basement with a massive wall towards the back of the wooded lot. The owner wanted a new guest quarters, a multi-use projection/playroom and an indoor vertical circulation.

To address the visual weight of the high blind wall, the decision was to add a new volume to the staggered back façade to break up the extended surface and bring some movement to the general mass. An internal spiral stairs accomplished the purpose, treating the stairwell with large openings to bring in more light and preserve the view from the existing kitchen and living room to the beautiful outdoors of the property.

The basement was developed to house the multi-use room and in-law quarters with a large deck and volumes matching the architectural masses and openings of the original building in order to bring coherence and integration to the resulting residence.


Armas Residence
Urban remodel and addition 2,500 sf. with attached garage

Originally a 1,000 sf. tract house of the 50's was expanded to accommodate a growing family, adding one more story to include the master bedroom suite with its bath and walk-in closet plus access to the lower deck at the rear, and two more bedrooms, restroom and interior stairs.

On the ground floor one original bedroom was deleted to enlarge the living room and another converted to a study, keeping the third existing bedroom as in-law quarters. The living room was open to the dining room and the kitchen enlarged towards the rear deck that allows panoramic views of the city and can be used to dinner outside.

Built with traditional framing, using for its exterior expression shapes and materials already present in the neighborhood, but retaining its individuality by design.

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